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your safty

Dear Guest,

during this time everything is different than usual and so we have also adapted our service and our offer to the current situation.
The health of you, the other guests and our employees is particularly important to us.
Hygiene has always been a top priority at the ANDERS Hotel Walsrode.
In order to do justice to the current situation: COVID-19, the hygiene guidelines at ANDERS Walsrode have been tightened further.

Due to the many requirements and regulations of the state of Lower Saxony,
we have also decided to temporarily calculate a hygiene surcharge as follows:

For our overnight guests who book through a tour operator or voucher provider, we charge EUR 3 per stay.

This surcharge does not apply to guests who book directly through us.

In such circumstances:
Special regulations in connection with pandemics (in particular the corona virus)

Our travel services are always provided in compliance with and in accordance with the official requirements and requirements applicable at the time of travel.

Upon arrival, you agree to comply with appropriate usage regulations or restrictions, and in the case of
Immediately notify reception and any contact persons of any typical symptoms that occur.

Important information about your visit!

  • For the journey you need a current (not older than 24 hours) proof of a negative corona rapid test. This applies to everyone over the age of 15.

  • The compulsory quick test does not apply to: Guests with a full vaccination (at least 14 days after the second vaccination) or proof of recovery (minimum 28 days – maximum 6 months old).

  • A repetition during the stay is currently not required.

  • The compulsory quick test is currently not applicable for business and conference travelers.

  • In the restaurant and terrace area, the generally applicable contact, distance and hygiene rules as well as registration at the table using the LUCA APP apply

  • The instructions of the hotel staff must be followed at all times.

Special regulation for parties and for New Year’s Eve:

Für alle Buchungen im Zusammenhang mit unserer Silvesterfeier und weiteren Party´s gilt das bekannte „2G“ Modell.

Eine Anreise und | oder Zutritt zu diesen Veranstaltungen ist nur möglich mit:

  • einem gültigen Nachweis für die vollständig Impfung (mind. 14 Tage nach der Zweitimpfung) Ausnahme Johnsen & Johnsen


  • einem Genesenen-Nachweis, welcher mind. 28 Tage aber höchstens 6 Monate alt ist

Please understand that measures and restrictions to protect and as a condition to contain the corona pandemic may change between the time of booking and the date of arrival. Please inform yourself about the latest measures on our website before you book and before your arrival. These restrictions and measures are to be carried out by the ANDERS Hotel Walsrode by order of the State Niedersachsen and are by no means the free decision of our company.


  • A “sneeze protection” made of plexiglass between the reception and our guests
  • The paths are clearly marked for you
  • Please pay cashless – we accept almost all cards
  • The room cards are thoroughly disinfected before they are handed over
  • We do without public fruit baskets, sweets and cookies at ANDERS
  • In ANDERS there is a general obligation to wear medical or FFP2 masks in public areas
  • Banisters, handles, tables, armchairs, sofas etc. are regularly cleaned and disinfected at ANDERS

Necessary equipment is also available at the reception for an additional charge:
· Mouth and nose protective masks
· Disposable gloves or cornona self-tests

Precautions in every room & on every floor

  • We waive the interim cleaning of the rooms. If you are staying longer than one night and would like an intermediate cleaning or fresh towels, please contact our reception. We carry out a regular change of linen every four days for longer stays at no extra charge.
  • The TV remote control is shrink-wrapped and disinfected
  • All light switches, handles, brackets and tables are disinfected every time they are cleaned
  • From the rooms were removed according to DeHoGa specifications: all displays such as newspapers, magazines, etc., all minibar items as well as kettles and coffee machines.

Dream room lounge

  • Back, leg and foot massages are possible from Wednesday to Friday between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. and on Saturday between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. on request. A medical or FFP2 mask must be worn during the massage.
  • The sauna is open

Further hygiene measures

  • One employee is assigned to disinfect door handles etc. on a daily basis
  • The following applies to the standing toilets in the men’s toilets: one after the other, not next to one another

Gastronomy in ANDERS

  • Registration when placing a seat through the LUCA APP is mandatory for every guest
  • There is currently no mandatory test for a visit to the restaurant. This is put into effect by the district through the new warning levels. Please inform yourself about the current guidelines before visiting our restaurant
  • Service, kitchen and bar staff strictly adhere to the official hygiene requirements (regular hand washing & cough labels)
  • We have reduced the restaurant’s capacity to allow 1.5 meters of space between the chairs
  • For safety reasons, all restaurant guests are generally seated, and when the weather is nice, this also applies to outdoor catering
  • Please pay at the table, we will come to you with the invoice
  • Please do not use cash – we accept almost any card
  • The contact restrictions of the state of Lower Saxony apply:
    25 people in up to 25 households
  • Children under 14 years, vaccinated and convalescent are not counted

Buffet & serving

  • Direct contact with food and guests is avoided at the service point.
  • Tongs and ladles are changed more often and kept in separate containers.
  • Output and buffet surfaces are disinfected as required, at least after each service.
  • Coffee machines, vending machines and samovars, as well as all other objects that experience frequent hand contact, are cleaned more frequently as required and disinfected at least after each service.
  • The breakfast buffet for permitted guests takes place as a buffet in the restaurant.


  • Our chefs wear medical or FFP2 masks during production and serving
  • During the pandemic, kitchen employees are prohibited from contacting hotel guests, except at the serving area, e.g. breakfast buffet or allergy advice, where the minimum distance of 1.5 m and the obligation to wear a face mask apply.

Disinfectant dispenser

  • Daily multiple checks of the proper function of soap and disinfectant solution dispensers, hand dryers, disposable towel dispensers and other similar devices are carried out by the housekeeping staff. Defective units are quickly repaired or replaced.

Meeting rooms

  • Allocation of extra large conference rooms (at least 1 room category larger than usual)
  • Note that the capacity is reduced to 1.5 meters between the guests
  • No public fruit basket / sweets / biscuits in the break area
  • In every room there is at least one air purification device – up to 90 m² – rooms over 90 m² corresponding to 2 to 4 device
  • Inside and outside of conference and group rooms, everyone must wear a face-to-face mask (medical mask or FFP2 mask).
  • Business travelers and conference participants are not required to test

Coffee breaks

  • Timeslots for each group are discussed. max. 20 people in the break foyer
  • Coffee breaks are also possible in the room
  • Clearing takes place after the coffee breaks
  • After each group there is a strong disinfection tour
  • Employees work with medical or FFP2 masks