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Active & sporty

Active & sporty - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

Get out back to nature!

The diverse landscape of the Vogelpark region and the Lüneburger Heide are an Eldorado for any jogger, biker, wanderer, nordic-walker, inline-enthusiast, golfer and any other kind of active relaxer.

Go on a bike tour throughout the Lüneburger Heide. Bike paths of more than 300 kilometers are at your disposal. Via pedal, the luscious and diverse nature of the lower-saxan vacation region can be experienced even more uniquely. The Lüneburger Heide is mostly flat and hence ideal for a bike excursion. Lots of rivers and lakes offer diversity in comparison to the blooming heather fields or luscious forests.

We are happy to liaise with you for your activity with tour suggestions, lunch packages and if you like… with a refreshing massage at the end of the day.

Active & sporty - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode
Active & sporty - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

More than 300 kilometers of signposted bike paths

Jump on your bike!Experience nature at its best. Your bike is always secure with us.

Active & sporty - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

Golf „Hole in One“

You enjoy nature and the smell of fresh cut grass?

The Golfclub Tietlingen is a stone throw away.

Active & sporty - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

Survival Run Serengeti-Park

Am 11.09.2021 findet der Hindernis-Fun-Run Für Jedermann satt.
Ein Spaß für die ganze Familie!

Active & sporty - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

E-bike rental

Thank you for your interest!
Reservations of e-bikes on +49 (0) 5161 6070

Rental prices with group advantage: 20% discount from 4 e-bikes!

Active & sporty - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

Aktiv in der Heide

Discover the vast nature of the Lüneburger Heide while hiking or biking and enjoy our lunch package on the go.