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Culinary and cultural

fully ANDERS

2 nights in the cozy ANDERS double room
2 x the particularly delicious, generous gourmet breakfast buffet (until 10.00 and on Sundays until 11.00 clock)
2 x 3-course-dinner in the restaurant ANDERS

ANDERS Family bargains

5 nights
5x family gourmet breakfast
5x dinner in the ANDERS adventure restaurant

Time for blue air

2 nights
2x family gourmet breakfast
2x dinner

Theme-Parks and more

Attention wild! Serengeti Park

2 nights
2x family gourmet breakfast
2x in the evening a multi-course dinner
1x entry to the Serengeti Park Hodenhagen

Paintball was yesterday - REBALL is today - adults only

2 Übernachtungen
2x Schlemmer-Frühstück
2x am Abend ein mehrgängiges Abendessen
1 x Eintritt in den Adrenalinpark Walsrode (geplante Eröffnung im Januar 2021)

Adventure in the Weltvogelpark Walsrode

2x nights
2x pampering breakfast
a mult-course dinner twice in the evening<
free game rental
1x day ticket for the Weltvogelpark Walsrode

Family fun in Heidepark Soltau

2x nights
2x family gourmet breakfast
one day ticket to heidepark Soltau per person booked
2x in the evening a multi-course dinner

Vacation with dog

2 nights
2 x family gourmet breakfast
2 x dinner
Welcome treats, dog basket (depending on size), food bowl and dog bar, information sheet "With the dog in Walsrode"

public holidays

Easter in the ANDERS

3x overnight stays
3x gourmet breakfast buffet
1x celebration day menue
2x delicious dinner

Ascension in the heath!

3 nights
3 x gourmet breakfast buffet
1 x festive menu in the evening
2 x delicious dinner

Pentecost for everyone

3x nights
3x gourmet breakfast buffet
1x festive menu in the evening
2x delicious dinner

New Year's eve

Look forward to a great party and atmospheric days. The celebrations take plac with up to 200 people in one of the most beautiful locations in the city.

Recreation & relaxation or active & sporty?

Heyday - love for two

make more of your Valentine´s evening

Cycling around the heath (e-bike)

Just take a deep breath, pedal and leave everyday life behind.

Active in the heath

Discover the vastness of the Lüneburg Heath while hiking and cycling and enjoy our delicious packed lunch on the way.

Golf short vacation

1-3x nights, green fee and gourmet breakfast

Do you fancy the sea?

ANDERS & Meer holiday apartments in St. Peter-Ording