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Our Weaknesses

Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

ANDERS hotel Walsrode „is great and really ANDERS“

…say many of our guests. „Unfortunately, this or that is not perfect…“, others say. Right!

We give the voices space here and expressly ackknowledge some oft he weaknesses of our company. „We are sorry! Excuse me!“ We just can´t do that any better at the moment. – We´d rather tell you in advance. You should know all this before you book with us.

So please plan this here:

Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode
Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

… getting tot he ANDERS hotel walsrode by public transport is a bit of a hassle: the train station is 1.5 km away, buses do not go directly here. Taxis are usually at the train station – if this is not in the case, we recommend Taxi Wolthers, tel. 05161-5005. However, traveling by train is inexpensive and environmemntally conscious. Book your event with our DB ticket, you will find a link here. For this we reward you on site with lovely, smiling employees. You will be greeted particulary nicely. Promised.

… you will not find a bad mood here, it is also seen here reluctantly. We give our employees „intravenous happiness“ on their daily way to you. If that doesn´t work, let us know. We then increase the dose.

… our parking lot is chargeable. At least if you have booked or bought through a portal (e.g. booking, expedia, HRS), a tour operator or a voucher provider, because they would also like to have part of your booking. Free parking when you book online – as a thank you we will give you the parking fee and on top oft hat you can book at the best price! Should this not be the case, please contact us.

Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

… we have no elevators in the hotel. Because: climbing stairs is much healthier! And yet, we will be happy to help you carry it if you have packed too much and cannot manage the stairs with the suitcase on your own.

… you will not find large rooms with us. Enjoy it, because afterwards you will find all your things faster & we also have fewer lost and found items! We have built 22 square meters for you in at least every hotel room. Enough for you alone, even in pairs. For families with one or two children, however, this is really not particulary spacious…but it is also clear: your kids sleep very cheaply. Experience a great new family experience. Mom and dad live and directly at arm´s length! Our great breakfast reconciles again the morning after.

… no air conditioning. Yes, we have to admit that. Right. Our rooms are not air-conditioned. However, it also saves a stiff neck and the next cold.

… we don´t have a swimming pool. Sorry. For us, nature, green and fresh air ist he wellness offered. Better than the smell of chlorine from a pool area. Oh yes, and: We have a pretty and unique sauna in our „traumraum“ lounge. With a funky kota sauna! – The bathrobe is available at the reception for a small cleaning fee.

… there are no refrigerators in our rooms. For reasons of sustainability, we limit ourselves to a large communal refrigerator. You can hand in products to be cooled at the reception. Since it is manned 24 hours a day, you also have 24 hour access to it.

Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode
Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

… we do not have large wardrobes: our guests mostly concentrate on the essentials. With us you can also leave your suit at home – we love it „casual“ – except for the festive weddings in the ANDERS adventure restaurant. Large luggage racks were more important to us than drawers and doors.

… our beds are pretty firm. And they´re pretty up-to-date. The most important thing you get from us is our good bed. Some even say they´re a little tough. But pretty healthy!… For those who like it softer: ask about our requirements that will make your night heaven on earth. And we have a pillow menu for your better sleep.

… a street leads to our hotel and past it. That is suboptimal – at least at night with the window open. But that’s a big advantage because you can come to us so easily. 2 motorways, 3 exits, 4 federal highways – and all roads lead to ANDERS. And for this we reward our direct bookers on site with over 170 parking spaces.

… we have done away with the telephones in the rooms. In times of smartphones and flat rates, these were used too seldom. If you do need a phone, please contact our reception. We have a handful of mobile loan devices ready for you.

Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode
Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

… our double beds are mostly „queen size“. That means they are 160 cm wide and 200 cm long. We also have 180 cm or 2 x 90 cm wide and even up to 210 cm long beds… Please ask for more than „Queen“ if cuddling is not the order oft he day.

… our hotel is only 2 km from downtown Walsrode; that´s about 20 minutes walk. And we are in an industrial area. However … almost the most beautiful commercial area that we know! And so easily accessible from the motorways, without traffic lighta and city traffic. You can find us with brown signs. – With a lot green around it. And … who else has 17 car brand workshops in max. 5 minutes to offer sorroundings? They repair your car quickly and happily and put it back in front of te hotel door while you are meeting or on vacation.

… loud laughing. It´s really annoying at times, admittedly. But also contagious. Enjoy it with us!

Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode
Our Weaknesses - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

… our hotel hast wo parts oft he building. In return, we spoil you with the best, clean air on the way back and forth, instead of used air in the lift. And if the weather in northern germany is rare, we will lend you an umbrella fort he journey.

… Your are never alone in our experience restaurant ANDERS: this is opposite the hotel and – sorry – you also have to walk around 200 steps! But the ANDERS really has it all! They will love it! Atmosphere and mood unique, open and good for your mood and your communication. The food is very taste – the nice, bright employees and great drinks – ANDERS. … that totally reconciles you. The way back is then much easier.

… we are not cheap. We are always worth our price for that. If it should not be like this, please tell us immediately and directly.