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Confirmation & Communion

Enjoy your family celebration differently, simply ‘ANDERS‘!

Your children grow up and the day of their confirmation or communion is approaching fast. In our facilities, you can celebrate just the way you like. Quiet or loud? Samba or walz? Jeans or a suit? Warm and dry or weather independent outside under the sky? Simply ANDERS. Regardless what you prefer, your whole entire family will find room. … And your relatives from far away can stay in our ANDERS Hotel across the street.

In the adventure restaurant ANDERS from 2-250 guests! In the „MUT“ hall with foyer up to 200 guests!

Our suggestions should inspire the wishes fort he confirmation or communion of your child, support you in the selection and really whet your appetite. Nothing is fixed – everything can be changed. We would be happy to serve you your favorite dish or design and calculate your individual culinary ideas together with you.

We are also happy to offer you a beverage package for groups of 25 or more from … to … with … and without … Please do not hesitate to contact us! For your personal arrangement, you can reach us on 05161 – 607 0 or by mail

With our ANDERSartigkeit – being simply different – we will excite you and we are looking forward to hosting your confirmation or communion!

Please download our current brochure including all options here