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Confirmation & Communion

Enjoy your family party DIFFERENTLY!

The little ones grow up and the day of confirmation or communion is approaching. In our premises you can celebrate as it suits you. Quiet or loud? Samba or waltz? In jeans or a suit? Warm and dry or well shielded under the open sky? DIFFERENT.

However you like it, we can accomodate your entire family and relatives who have traveled from afar can stay with us directly in the ANDERS Hotel.

In the adventure restaurant ANDERS from 2-250 guests! In the „MUT“ hall with foyer up to 200 guests!

Our suggestions should inspire the wishes fort he confirmation or communion of your child, support you in the selection and really whet your appetite. Nothing is fixed – everything can be changed. We would be happy to serve you your favorite dish or design and calculate your individual culinary ideas together with you.

Dazu bieten wir Ihnen ab 25 Personen auch gerne eine Getränkepauschale von… bis… mit… und ohne… Sprechen Sie uns gerne an! Für Ihre persönliche Absprache erreichen Sie unseren Leiter der Gastronomie, Herrn Lierath unter der Telefonnummer 05161 – 607 777.

Mit unserer ANDERSartigkeit werden wir Sie begeistern und freuen uns die Konfirmation oder Kommunion Ihres Kindes auszurichten!

Laden Sie unsere aktuelle Broschüre mit allen Wahlmöglichkeiten runter.