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FairJobHotel - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

What does FAIR JOBS mean in the hotel industry?

A fair job in our industry offers both the employee and the employer a solid basis for good and trusting cooperation. We have made it our goal to create common and binding values and standards for dealing in the hotel industry and to improve jobs. This also requires a reliable and fair basis in the hotel industry. All hotels that have organized themselves at FAIR JOB HOTELS have committed themselves to this.

FairJobHotel - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

This is what the Fair Job Hotels stand for

  • We see ourselves as a fair employer. We stand for compliance with laws and collective bargaining agreements, deal openly with employees and are open to criticism
  • We are constantly working to improve the conditions for our employees. Work materials and working conditions are checked regularly, and work processes are continuously improved. For us, work safety is a matter of course
  • We guarantee fair pay for jobs in the hotel industry. For us, this means paying the minimum wage and complying with collective bargaining agreements
  • We realize fair working hours. Time recording and compliance with the legal requirements are a must in realizing this project
  • We encourage employees according to their individual potential. We offer training, participation in competitions, support talks and live according to the principle: strengthening strengths, weakening weaknesses
  • We are open to all applicants, regardless of their origin, religion or gender. With a job in the hotel industry, everyone will find their place
  • We place trust and expect personal responsibility from our employees. Everyone is personally responsible for compliance with the law in their area of ​​responsibility. Everyone contributes significantly to the reputation of the hotel with their appearance, actions and behavior
  • We encourage and challenge talent. We would like to write career history together with you
  • We offer the right job in the hotel industry for many life models: whether marginally employed, part-time, full-time, morning, noon, evening or home office – we find a job for everyone
  • We at FAIR JOB HOTELS understand fairness as a matter of course
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FairJobHotel - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode
FairJobHotel - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode


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FairJobHotel - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

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FairJobHotel - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode


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FairJobHotel - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode


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