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Conference technology & Supporting programs

Stay connected

  • YOUR-NAME-W-LAN in the Room
  • Click-Share by Barco
  • WeFrame Hybrid
  • Zoom, Terms, Jitsi and more pre-installed

Everything for moving pictures

  • DVD-Player
  • Apple-TV
  • beamer in price / OHP on request
  • electronic flipschart
  • TV / video combinations

Make firm notes

  • Writing paper & pen
  • additional flipchart & high quality pend
  • additional pin board
  • utils

The ears join in

  • CD-Player
  • music system
  • bluetooth speaker
  • microphone system

WeFrame ONE

The new way for interactive teamwork

Efficient and interactive group work

With weframe ONE, the conference hotel ANDERS offers you the possibility of a new form of cooperation at your conference event.

  • Your participants work simultaneously and actively with weframe ONE.
  • The content is simply sent from the cell phone, tablet or PC tot he wefrane ONE large
    screen with a touch function.
  • On the weframe ONE screen, the moderator, seminar leader or coach uses the new ideas oft he participants and carries out new actions.

Use weframe ONE – a digital flipchart and whiteboard with unlimited possibilities for your conference.

Something missing? We are happy to get it.

In addition to all oft he conference technology listed here, we also have stage elements, car access for presentations, a podium and a lectern. If you still need something, we will be happy to help you.

Social programs and team building for your events

Crown your company event, workshop or conference with a great supporting program. Benefit from our competence and expierence! In every season, we know how to make your event a true celebration that you will always like to thnk back on.

When the days get shorter in autumn, our ideas provide particulary atmospheric and cozy side events that promise relaxation after a productive day or the perfect warm-up before the conference.

Virtual reality – Offer your participants a special experience

We have a new virtual reality offer for you in the program. An extraordinary campaign for your company celebration, conference or team building measure. Your event will be unforgettable.

For a period of three hours.

  • use of VR technology including games
  • seperate room
  • special effects box
  • drinks during the season (beer, wine, soft drinks)
  • from 10 participants

€ 25,00 per person

Office golf

The game takes place in the hotel or in the conference center ooon a mobiile 9 or 18 hole office golf course. Stress and pressure to perform are out, we play relaxed and exuberant.

12,00 € per Person
Duration about 1 hour
3 – 20 people

Conference bike

One directs, everyone struggles and the audience is amazed! The way ist he goal, which guarantees fun! With our conference bike you get communication, community and team spirit going! The ConferenceBike is a team bike that spreads a lot of fun within a very short time and quickly brings even strangerst o the conversation.

15,00 € per hour
120,00 € per day
From 1 hour
also all day
4 – 7 people

Ninja parkour

Promote communication, responsibility and team spirit in this action packed.

140 € daily price
From 1 hour
4 – 7 people

Learn to juggle

This fun is an experience for everyone and also promotes team spirit

1750 €
About 70 minutes
Number of participants by arrangement


Experience an olympiad unique in germany! The „jacco – Game Event Agency“, which operates all over europe, invites you with ist interactive programs for adults to experience extraordinary events – because enthusiasm is the best motivation!

Blowpipe darts and indoor curling are just two of the possible stops.

Price on request
about 1.5 hours
from 15 people

Film off!

Enjoy endless action and promote the creativity of your team with this ANDERS experience.

220 € p.P.
about 6 hours
from 10 people



In this special supporting program, you will get to know each other and on top oft hat understand yourself and others.

49 € per person
from 2 hour
10 – 20 people

ANDERS Olympiad & BBQ

Face various challenges at this Olympiad and then relax with a cozy BBQ. The perfect combination for your team building.

on demand
from 1.5 hours
20-40 people

Experience the FISH! Philosophy

Do you know FISH? Get to know the FISH philosophy in 4 simple steps – with a selected 4-course menu and training sessions. The world famous Pike Place fish market in Seattle, the basis of Fish! Their philosophy provided the idea fort he recipe to balance joy, productivity and passion and to make a positive difference in people´s lives.

68 € per person
about 4 hours
30- 150 people

Currywurst party

Relaxed, happy sitting at the bagalut tables, we spoil you with a triology of currywurst and fries, in addition we serve two large drinks of your choice (beer, wine or a soft drink)

15,00 € per person
from 8 people

Beer party at the dampfmichel

Here fun is guaranteed when everyone turns around the tap, enjoys the entertainment and feasts heartily.

from 22,22 € per person
8 people maximum

Weltvogelpark Walsrode

The largest bird park in the world is almost on the doorstep of ANDERS. Enjoy breathtaking shows and collect a lot of conversation in this great experience.

on demand
depending on request

Boßeln – the cult sport

Boßeln takes place on car-free roads through fields, forests and fields. First, two or more groups are formed, each throwing a bossel ball. In classic Bosseln, two teams play against each other. Each thrower starts with his throw at the landing point of his team´s thrower. The goal ist o overcome the respective Boßel route with as a few throws as possible. The team that needs the fewest litters to win has won. Bossing always includes a handcart with drinks that provide refreshment during bossing and serve as „target waters“ in between. In the end, the winning team can shine with certificates.

12,00 € per person
min. 2 hours
10 – 30 people

Culineo® – Teamcooking

Culineo is fun cooking in a group – yourself and with a high enjoyment factor. Under our expert guidance, you can prepare your own menu in the ANDERS restaurant. By the way, you have fun, lively entertainment and enjoy a great evening. You can then enjoy your finished menu together. A good mood is inevitable, cooking, working, feasting and enjoying go well together.

85 € per person ALL-IN
about 3,5 hours
20 – 30 people

SnowDome Bispingen

Skied a round today? Whether summer or winter, we always ask ourselves this question in the north. Off tot he slopes in any weather.

on demand
on demand
on demand


In the colosseum bowling centre – just a 7-minute walk from the hotel – there are 8 lanes using the latest techology. Approx. 6 players are possible per lane. But not only that: darts, hockey and much more enable an eventful evening.

from 18 €
from 4 people

Jungle safari

In the open jungle safari jeeps you will experience a part oft he animal land, but in an unsual way. You drive off-road through hilly terrain and the world of giraffes, antelopes, rhinos and many other wild animals. It continues on a special route that can only be driven by the off-road vehicles oft he jungle safari. Go on a great adventure trip and let yourself be captivated by the fascination oft he jungle. Fantastic special effects, such as B. animal attacks, natural disasters and other dangerous situations – all this awaits the brave participant in the jungle safari. But nothing more will be relevated at this point. Experience it yourself ist he motto!

on request
about 70 minutes
from 15 people

Heide-Park: exclusive roller coaster

Heide-Park: exclusive roller coaster
This action experience is definitely ANDERS/DIFFERENT. You and your team enjoy an hour of exclusive right to a selected roller coaster in the Heide-Park Soltau.

from 750 €
1 hour
on request

Indoor karting

Drive into one oft he most modern indoor karting facilities in europe. Your ground clearance is minimal, the pleasure is maximum. You hold the speed in your hand on the 600 meter long route. Steering in, braking, drifting – also exciting for beginners and always exciting.

on request
on request
on request


Escape the stress of everyday life and create a peaceful balance. That welds the team together.

200 € flat rate
75 minutes
from 2 people

Camel caravan

Loose from the hump? Take a relaxing ride on the desert ship and let yourself be pampered by the gentle swell oft he animals. Take a camel caravan on a one-hour horseback ride into nature. After the experience, you are cordially invited to get to know the animals on the camel farm. Well over 50 camels, plus llama, alpaca, sheep, goats, zebras, donkeys, kangaroos and much more await you.

59 € per person
about 1 hour
2-12 rider, larger groups on request

Over jordan and back

With the traditional „Wild Erika“ or trolley through the charming „Bohemian Villages“ the „Wild Erika“ is our first locomotive that drove the trains in Handeloh from 1998 to 2002.

from 6 €
on request
on request