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conference & meeting

Your conference is SAFE with us because

  • we can accommodate up to 70 people in a room with sufficient distance and at the same time a large selection of other participants: inside who cannot arrive, can join the group thanks to our technology
  • we are experts in safety, hygiene and planning
  • we know exactly how important the personal exchange between employees and customers is and we have given a lot of thought to how the so important social interaction will work at the end of the seminar.
  • we can give you the assurance that your event will be a complete success

What is still preventing success now?

Perhaps that a lot of companies will be looking for dates in the coming months with limited space and then suddenly your desired date is no longer available.

So let's talk about it NOW!

13 + 5 =

conference rooms

comfort and a feel-good atmosphere for a special kind of conference and seminar experience

conference packages

from 39,50 € per person and per day

Safe days with Corona Test

Das ANDERS Tagungshotel Walsrode bietet Ihnen ein sicheres Tagungskonzept.

Hybrid meetings

In unseren 13 Tagungsräumen können auch vor Ort mit bis zu 70 Personen in Reihenbestuhlung coronakonform und sicher tagen.

Interactive meetings

Put the crown on your company event, workshop or conference with a great interactive supporting program.


We are proud of this – awards & prizes

Approach & Parking

more than 220 parking spaces are available


Das andere Messehotel für die Messen rund um Walsrode

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